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With our 0% finance facility, you pay the costs of your treatment – no more and no less. Interest free means just that! In terms of the low cost facilities, we provide you with a quotation that shows the monthly payment and the total interest payable over the term of the loan. 

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The cost of dental crown in South west London or Sutton are varies between £300 to £1000 for top quality dental implants. To help keep this treatment as affordable as possible we ensure our dental crown prices are extremely competitive when compared to other expert dentists in South west.

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Frequently Asked Questions

dental crown sits over a tooth that may have been broken or weakened and helps return the tooth to its former strength and shape.

If you are missing one or more teeth a dental bridge can be fitted. A bridge is similar to a crown but is used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Conventional bridges are made by crowning the teeth on either side of the gap and attaching a false tooth in the middle to restore function and look natural.

The bridge also stops the surrounding teeth from moving out of place over time and maintains the shape of the face.

Dental crowns are an ideal way of repairing teeth that have been broken, weakened or showing signs of decay. They can also be used to protect a tooth after root canal treatment.

A dental bridge is used to replace missing teeth and helps to ‘bridge the gap’ between teeth. This not only improves the appearance of your teeth but also improves the functionality as the teeth on either side of the gap feel less strain.

The main benefits of dental crowns are that they can: Cover stained teeth so they look natural Make cosmetic improvements by restoring teeth to their natural shape and size Hold a filling Protect an implant Protect weak teeth from breaking Attach to dental bridges

Generally, it will take at least two visits. We will need to prepare your tooth during the first visit, as well as taking impressions and making a note of the shade your crown should be. We will then fit a temporary crown. Your permanent dental crown will be fitted during your second visit. There is usually a 1-2 week wait between appointments.

Or Bridge Last? The answer depends on how well you look after your teeth once the procedure is complete. You may have a gap in your teeth for a number of reasons, but if it were due to poor oral hygiene, we would recommend regular visits to the hygienist. Well look after crowns and bridges can last for a number of years.

To make this treatment as affordable as possible, we have ensured our prices are extremely competitive compared to other expert dental crown treatments in Sutton or South West London. Our dental crowns prices start from £600. You will need to book an appointment. To help make the procedure more affordable, we also provide 0% interest-free finance and low-cost finance options which you can receive with a minimum spend of £1,000.

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