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If you need an endodontics expert in South west London or Sutton with an excellent reputation for providing the best, pain-free root canal treatments then we can help.

Our dentist and root canal expert is
Karim Jaffary (GDC Number 81294)

Dr Karim Jaafary (GDC No: 81294)

After spending a few years in general practice, Karim returned to Guy’s hospital and completed his master’s degree in Endodontics. Since 2007 Karim’s practice has been limited to root canal treatment. Karim believes creating a relaxing environment for his patients is an essential factor in contributing to the best possible treatment outcome.

Karim usually sees his patients for an initial consultation visit in which he discusses various aspects of the treatment. However, this consultation appointment can be combined with treatment if it is more convenient to the patient. In house sedation can also be provided during root canal treatment if required.

Karim is the organizer of the Endodontic Study Club in Tunbridge Wells, and he has both lectured and run hands on courses for dentists about root canal treatment.

What are root fillings?

Root fillings are also known as endodontic treatment or root canal treatment.

The procedure is needed when the nerve or blood supply of the tooth becomes infected from decay or injury.

Sometimes tooth decay can make its way to the nerve of the tooth causing pain and sensitivity. The treatment involves cleaning out the infected tissue and in most cases, saves the tooth so preventing the need for dental implants or bridges.

When would I need root canal treatment

When the blood or nerve supply becomes infected, it may spread throughout the root canal system, which can lead to an abscess. The infected area of your mouth starts to collect pus and leads to swelling of the tissues, as well as varying amounts of pain from dull to severe.

The treatment is usually very successful at preserving the decaying tooth and preventing further infection.

Does root canal treatment hurt?

No. Root canal treatment is usually carried out under local anaesthetic so you won’t feel any pain. You may experience some tenderness afterwards, which will gradually disappear over time.

What if I do not have the treatment?

The alternative is to have the tooth removed. When the blood or nerve supply is destroyed it will not be able to heal and leaving the mouth infected can lead to an abscess, which can be painful.

It is always recommended to have as many natural teeth as possible, so removing the tooth entirely is not preferred over root canal treatment.


Contact our tooth repair team

For further information on Root Canal Treatments please contact a member of the Enamour Dental team on 02086421945 or fill in our enquiry form.

Root Canal Treatment Costs

 0%  Finance option

Dental Root Canal Treatment cost in Southwest London or Sutton

We have ensured our root canal treatment prices are extremely competitive when compared to other Endodontic dentists. Root filling prices (including X-rays) range from £286.50 to £492.50.

Please call us on 0208 6421945 or enquire online as we will first need to undertake an assessment.

Benefit from 0% interest free credit

Our Root Canal Treatments start from £286.50. To help spread the cost of the treatment, remember to talk to us about our 0% interest-free finance and low-cost finance options. You will need to be booked in for an assessment.

0% Interest Free Credit =
Pay monthly at no extra cost

With our 0% facility, you pay the costs of your treatment – no more and no less. Interest free means just that! In terms of the low cost facilities, we provide you with a quotation that shows the monthly payment and the total interest payable over the term of the loan. There are no hidden costs and no deposit required!


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